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Our Roots

Welcome to Our Roots, a space for FCHSC member contributions. Please click the [More] links below to read the full articles. If you would like to contribute to Our Roots, please send an email message to Suzy Goulet.

From St-Aubin de Tourouvre to Canada

This list of the names of people who migrated was taken from personal photos of plaques in the museum and the St Aubin church in Tourouvre, France...[More]

Branchereau-Branchaud-Brancheau Family

Jacques Branchereau, the father of François and Charles Branchereau, lived in the Village of Bouchereau, France, with his wife, Antoinette Vincent. Bouchereau is located near the commune of Macqueville, France. Much of the information about the early family was provided by our cousin Walter Branchaud of Melbourne Florida... [More]

The King’s Daughters and the Carignan Soldiers

FCHSC member Dorothy des Lauriers has traced her Canadian ancestry to eleven King's Daughters (Filles du Roi) and six soldiers of the Carignan-Salières regiment. This is actually a rather small number of representatives from these groups, but Dorothy's ancestry is only 1/4 French-Canadian...[More]