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MTDNA Testing Identifies 400 Year - Twelve Generation Relationship

Elise Lavoie of Montréal thought she would support the objectives of National Geographic’s Genographic Project by ordering a mitochondrial DNA test. From information on that site she learned that she had inherited her mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from her mother, who had inherited it from her mother, and then from mother to mother back in time to her earliest maternal ancestor.

Little did she know that her results would exactly match the MTDNA results of Lin LaRochelle of Altadena in Southern California. Lin had taken the mtDNA test months before through the French Heritage DNA Project and had posted her direct maternal lineage to that project site - all twelve generations of it.
The French Heritage DNA Project is sponsored jointly by the French-Canadian Heritage Society of California and the Southern California Genealogical Society.

Since Genographic participants can join other projects through Family Tree DNA the Genographic testing company, Elise joined the French Heritage DNA Project. Upon review, she saw Lin’s matching results and the listing of her maternal line and discovered that they both descended from the common ancestor Françoise Garnier Grenier, spouse of Noël Langlois.

So here were two new cousins introduced only through the results of DNA testing. They possessed the exact same mitochondrial DNA signature passed down to them from their common maternal ancestor, Françoise Garnier Grenier, 400 years before.
For those of you interested, those results are:

Mt Haplogroup: J2
HVR1: 16069T, 16126C, 16193T, 16278T
HVR2: 73G, 150T, 152C, 263G, 295T, 309.1C, 315.1C, 489C

Their lineage back to the two daughters of Françoise Garnier Grenier is:

  Lin LaRochelle
  Dorothy Mae St. Louis (1922-2008)
Elise Lavoie Gladys Bouchard (1900-1999)
Rollande Dumais (1916-2001) Caroline Currier Caron (1873-1965)
Blanche Béchard (1883-1953) Modeste Thibodeau (1834-1911)
Herminie Bernier (1850-1939) Marguerite Cyr (1797-
Sophie-Léocadie Lefrançois (1814-1889) Madeleine Ayotte/Hayot (1763-1834)
Marie Louise Bacon (1785-1868) Charlotte Saucier (1740-1806)
Ursule Mailloux (1745-1809) Rosalie Bouchard (1708- 1784)
Marie Madeleine Giroux (1705-1781) Marie Françoise Lizot (1681-
Madeleine Vachon (1664-1715) Anne Pelletier (1656-1696)
Marguerite Langlois (1639-1697) Anne Langlois (1637-1704)
Francoise Garnier Grenier (-1665) Francoise Garnier Grenier (-1665)