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French Heritage DNA Project

FCHSC proudly sponsors the French Heritage DNA Project as a way to honor our French ancestry. The project has now reached over 1600 members who predominantly originate from the United States and Canada. A small percentage of members originate from continents outside North America.

MTDNA Testing Identifies 400 Year - Twelve Generation Relationship

Elise Lavoie of Montréal thought she would support the objectives of National Geographic’s Genographic Project by ordering a mitochondrial DNA test. From information on that site she learned that she had inherited her mitochondrial DNA from her mother, who had inherited it from her mother, and then from mother to mother back in time to her earliest maternal ancestor. Little did she know that her results would exactly match the MTDNA results of Lin LaRochelle...[More]

More About the Project

You can be the first to honor your French-Canadian heritage by helping to establish the DNA signature of your earliest ancestor.

Learn more about the French Heritage DNA Project and view member results at www.frenchdna.org.

For more information, contact Doug at 661-296-8740 or djmill@earthlink.net.